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Aluminum Tripolyphosphate

NoelsonChem™ provides a broad selection of Aluminum Tripolyphosphate corrosion inhibitors that are suitable for water and solvent based coating systems. These inhibitors are free of harmful metals, including chromium, and offer excellent adhesion, impact resistance, and heat resistance up to 1000°C. As a result, it serves as a superior alternative to lead and chrome anti-corrosive pigments. Aluminum Tripolyphosphate has better anti-corrosive properties when compared to conventional corrosion inhibitors such as Zinc Molybdate, Lead, Lead Chromate, and Zinc Chromate


White, eco-friendly anti-corrosive pigment, highly versatile and a cost effective replacement for Aluminum Tripolyphosphate standard commercial grade.

Oil absorption (g/100g): 30±5

Sieve residue 45 microns (%): ≤0.5


White, eco-friendly anti-corrosive pigment. Considered as the standard grade, TP-306 is one of the most recognized anti-corrosive pigments due to its unparalleled cost and performance ratio.

Oil absorption (g/100g): 25±5

Sieve residue 45 microns (%): ≤0.5


White, eco-friendly anti-corrosive pigment, TP-308 is an upgrade from TP-306, provides more comprehensive corrosion protection.

Oil absorption (g/100g): 35±5

Sieve residue 45 microns (%): ≤0.5

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