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Spectrum Anti-Corrosive Pigment

Phoros® Spectrum Anti-Corrosive pigments. Consisting of Orthophosphate and Polyphosphate, both series offer universal applicability and effectiveness at low loading amount.

Phoros® ZAP

Zinc Aluminum Orthophosphate

Phoros® ZATP

Zinc Aluminium Phosphate Hydrate

Phoros® ZPASC

Zinc Calcium Strontium Aluminium Orthophosphate

Phoros® ZOP

Zinc Orthophosphate Hydrate

Phoros® CATP

Calcium Aluminium Polyphosphate

Phoros® CPM

Calcium Magnesium Phosphate

Phoros® ZPM

Zinc Molybdenum Orthophosphate

Phoros® ZPAM

Zinc Aluminium Molybdenum Orthophosphate

Phoros® ZPC

Phosphate Zinc Chromate

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