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Orthophosphate & Polyphosphate Anti-Corrosive Pigment

NoelsonChem™ offers an extensive range of Polyphosphate & Orthophosphate anti-corrosive pigments suitable for the paint and coating industry. Covering both water-based and solvent-based coating systems, Polyphosphate & Orthophosphate are ideal for marine, automotive, coil, epoxy and many more.

Zinc Phosphate

  • White, non-toxic anti-corrosive pigment

  • Widely adopted to replace traditional lead and chromium-containing anti-corrosives

Aluminum Tripolyphosphate

  • Inorganic compound commonly used as corrosion inhibitor in coatings, paints, and plastics

  • High thermal stability, fire retardant & resistant

  • Eco-friendly, Zinc free

  • Superior alternative to traditional Zinc Phosphate based anticorrosives

Phoros® Spectrum

  • Zinc Aluminium Orthophosphate

  • Zinc Molybdenum Orthophosphate

  • Calcium Aluminium Polyphosphate 

  • Strontium Aluminium Polyphosphate

  • Zinc Calcium Strontium Aluminium Orthophosphate

  • And many more

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