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Polyphosphate & Orthophosphate - NOELSON CHEMICALS

Updated: May 31

In recent years, under increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the demand for efficient and non-toxic anti-corrosive pigments has grown more substantial.

NOELSON CHEMICALS have, through over a decade of relentless effort, successfully developed the Phoros® series of modified orthophosphates and high-performance polyphosphate anti-corrosive pigments.

The Phoros® lineup includes, ZAP-PLUS, ZOP, ZPM, ZPAM, ZPASC, SRTP, RZP, and also Zinc-Free ones such as CATP and CPM, as well as the NoelsonChem™ ZP 01-09. The Phoros® lineup, compared with renowned brands like HEUBACH and SNCZ, provides both drop-in replacements and alternative options, delivering reliable performance and supply chain resilience.

  • Phoros® ZAP PLUS (Zinc Aluminium Orthophosphate)

  • Phoros® ZPM (Zinc Molybdenum Orthophosphate)

  • Phoros® ZPASC (Zinc Calcium Strontium Aluminium Orthophosphate)

  • Phoros® CATP (Calcium Aluminium Polyphosphate / zinc-free)

  • Phoros® SRTP (Strontium Aluminum Polyphosphate / zinc-free)

  • Phoros® RZP

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