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Vision & Mission 2022 - NOELSON CHEMICALS

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Together in 2022.

Let’s not be inundated by trend, rather, we shall focus on the classic.

A successful business chases both profitability and social responsibility.

Even with strong tail wind, we believe:

Our strong focus on research, product design, market strategy has proved to be visionary and correct.

Since the beginning, we have been focusing on:

  • High performance anti-corrosion and functional pigments

  • High performance anti-static pigments.

Our goal for 2022, and the future, is to advance in the competition.

  • In the field of special anti-corrosion and functional pigments

  • Industry and cosmetic grade glass flake

  • Anti-corrosion and abrasion resistant glass microsphere

  • Superfine ferro-phosphorus powder

  • Best quality MIO with excellent Lamellar structure, high concentration Fe2O3

  • Micro-silica pigment

Best quality and customer service

In the field of phosphate, orthophosphate and polyphosphate:

  • Zinc phosphate, zinc aluminum phosphate, zinc molybdenum phosphate, and silicon, sodium, and calcium based phosphate anti-corrosion pigments

  • Aluminum tripolyphosphate, and its derivatives designed for ceramic and other industries

In the field of conductive and anti-static pigments:

  • Break-through in conductive titanium dioxide

  • More affordable conductive MIO, and low oil absorption derivatives

  • The development of ultra conductive carbon black, which meets the need of higher purity, conductivity, BET surface area and lower ash content and heavy metals

  • Microcrystalline graphite with superb conductivity and anti-corrision performance

  • The continued advances in graphene

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