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Zeitgeist 2023 - NOELSON CHEMICALS

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Noelson Chemicals has been committed to quality and service since its establishment in 1996. Over the years, we have successfully launched 4 major product series, namely:

Specialty Anti-Corrosive Pigment:

  • Micaceous Iron Oxide:

    • NoelsonChem™ MIO SG/SF/AS/DB/LF.

  • Glass Flake:

    • NoelsonChem™ Glass Flake NCF-600, NCF-140, NCF-160, NCF-015, and etc

  • Superfine Ferro-Phosphorous Powder:

    • NoelsonChem™ P-600M, P-800M, P-1250M (coating grade and powder metallurgy grade)

  • Compound Anti-Corrosives:

    • NoelsonChem™ L-B/L-H

    • NoelsonChem™ D/D-CCC

Phosphate, Polyphosphate, Orthophosphate Anti-Corrosives:

  • Zinc Phosphate: NoelsonChem™ ZP-409 series

  • Aluminium Tripolyohosphate: NoelsonChem™ TP series

  • Polyphosphate/Orthophosphate:

    • Phoros® 202, 303, 404, 505, 606

    • Phoros® ZAP, ZPASC and etc (more info)


  • Iron Oxide

  • Transparent Iron Oxide

Adagio™ High-performance Additive

In August 2022, we are thrilled to join Adagio with Hermeta Chemicals. With the colorants/pigments expertise provided by Hermeta, Adagio will become the global powerhouse of colorants and functional pigments.

For inquiries, visit us at &

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